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Material Safety Data Sheets

TUFNOL GradeData Sheet ref

Paper reinforced:
Kite, Heron, Swan, Grades 1P/13, 1P/21, RLP/1, RLP/2, RLP/3SDS02
Grade 1P/24SDS03
Grade 2P/20SDS06
Grade 2P/45SDS05
Cotton reinforced:
Carp, Whale, Lynx, Bear, Vole, Crow, Grades 2F/14, RLF/1, RLF/2, RLF/3SDS01
Grade 2F/3/PTFESDS07
Grade 6F/45SDS04
Glass reinforced:
Grade 6G/91, 6G/92SDS14
Grade 10G/24SDS10
Grades 10G/40, 10G/42, 10G/44, RLG/1SDS08
Grade 10G/41SDS09
Grade 10G/50SDS12