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A product with an International Reputation

Tufnol has long been an international byword for quality in laminated plastics and resin based materials for engineering applications.  Tufnol was invented in the UK and quickly gained international respect for its quality and versatility.  It is continually developing to meet modern engineering demands, keeping it abreast of 21st century technology.


What are Tufnol composites?

TUFNOL is a proprietary brand of non-metallic material used to make engineering components for a wide range of uses. This type of material is known as 'synthetic resin bonded laminated plastic', and is made from layers of paper, cotton cloth or woven glass fibre cloth, dipped in resin, then compressed and bonded together in a hot press. It is a strong, hard material, made in a number of different grades with varying properties and uses.


Our international markets

Our highly experienced export sales department oversees the global marketing, sales and shipment of large orders for engineering plastics, composites and the like.  We are experienced exporters and are proud to say that approximately 30% of our products annually find their way overseas to destinations such as:

Our export sales team is fully conversant with managing full and proper export documentation and works in co-operation with local Chambers of Commerce to provide Certificates of Origin and all country-specific documentation to ensure that goods arrive promptly at their required destination.


Tufnol's global market

Since its early beginnings Tufnol has been exporting its versatile range of products around the world and today our business is truly international. Every day we are despatching consignments to customers from a wide range of industries in all corners of the globe.

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