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Marine Countrose Bearings


Countrose Bearings is a division of Tufnol Composites Ltd specialising in the manufacture of rubber lined bearings for use with water lubrication. These are used all over the world for rudder and propeller shaft bearings in small to medium sized boats, including fishing vessels and other workboats and for leisure craft. A special range of bearings is also manufactured for use in water pumps.


Durability and excellence

Over the last 25 years, Countrose Bearings have established a reputation for durability and excellence. They are approved by Lloyds and Countrose manufacturing systems are quality controlled to high ISO 9001:2008 standards. All Countrose Marine Bearings are precision ground in the bore using a special technique, to ensure a high degree of accuracy, concentricity and finish.



Countrose Marine Bearings

Countrose Water Lubricated Bearings are ideal for use in a marine environment. They have a special synthetic rubber liner with moulded internal grooves or ‘flutes’ which are designed to optimise the performance of the water lubricant. In normal operation, the rotation of the shaft creates a water layer between shaft and bearing, giving extremely low friction and reducing wear. The special internal shape of Countrose bearings is designed to maintain this 'hydrodynamic' lubrication even at low speeds, and high loads. The flow of water also helps to keep the bearing cool.