In the latest of our ‘Day in the Life’ series, we talk to our CNC Machinist, Andy Jeavons about what he gets up to on a day-to-day basis working at Tufnol, and the things he enjoys most about his job:

What does your job involve?

Machining parts. Its my job to make sure that orders/parts meet the specifications required for the customer drawing, I do this whether it is setting up on the machine or within the CNC programme to achieve the correct sizes.

What do you most like about your job?

The trust and responsibility. I like that I get given the responsibility with processing a order with the required material and allowed to get on with completing the machining without being bothered or interrupted.

What are your roles & responsibilities?

My role is either CNC operating/setting or programming. This is either CNC milling or lathe (manual or CNC). I am responsible for setting/operating and programming these types of machines.

What makes Tufnol a good company to work for?

The trust the management has is awesome. Not working with metal anymore is amazing. Knowing that I’m not stuck on one job week after week. Most days are different and varied which is great to learn more and keep interested in the job.