1P/13/N Neoprene

TUFNOL high performance composite sealing/insulating materials are designed to meet specific needs, primarily in the Oil and Gas distribution industries. The products incorporate an SRBP or SRBF core with a chemically bonded Neoprene surface. Conventional materials can cause problems, either being too soft to withstand the compressive forces of the mating surfaces or too hard to form a satisfactory seal. The thickness of the sealing rubber face(s) on TUFNOL Grade 1P/13/N laminates is kept to a minimum (typically 0.8mm). This combined with the high compressive strength of the core eliminate the compression effects normally associated with softer materials. The product acts as electrical insulation between the mating surfaces reducing electrolytic effects, which can lead to corrosion.

  • TUFNOL Grade 1P/13/N1 – Neoprene on one face.
  • TUFNOL Grade 1P/13/N2 – Neoprene on two faces.

1220mm x 1220mm approx

Laminate 0.8mm up to 3.2mm Neoprene 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm When ordering, the thicknesses of the two or three layers must be clearly stated in the following order, Rubber – Laminate – Rubber. e.g. TUFNOL Grade 1P/13/N2 1.2mm rubber, 2.0mm laminate, 1.2mm rubber.

Material ThicknessLaminate WeightNeoprene Weight
0.8mm1.10 kg/m21.10 kg/m2
1.6mm2.20 kg/m22.97 kg/m2
3.2mm4.40 kg/m2

A composite with 1.2mm laminate clad one side with 0.8mm neoprene weighs 3.02 kg/m2 approx.

TUFNOL Grades 1P/13/N1 and N2 can be guillotined and sawn by normal methods used for paper based laminates. They can be punched at temperatures of 25°C-80°C

Typical properties of Neoprene

Surface resistivity after 24 hours’ submersion in water106 megohms
Surface resistivity in ‘as received’ condition107 megohms

Typical properties of composite materials

Insulation resistance after 24 hours’ immersion in water 30 megohms
Insulation resistance in ‘as received’ condition 5 x 105 megohms
Power Factor at 800 c/s 0.050 Tan δ
Pull off strength 15lb
Dielectric Strength ( in oil at ambient temperature) 3.75kV/mm
Breakdown Voltage parallel to laminations (in oil at ambient temperature) 2.5kV
Water absorption Typical 250mg (3mm x 50mm x 50mm) 2.5%
Working Temperature Continuous at 90 deg c
Intermittent at 120 deg c

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Tufnol Grade 1P/13/N is a unique material and there are no British Standards or other national published specifications applicable to this type of material.

 It is produced to the in-house quality specifications of Tufnol Composites Ltd.

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