Tufnol Vulcanised Fibre Sheet

Red Fibre and Black Fibre sheets, tough, fibrous sheet material

Tufnol Vulcanised Fibre sheet is a strong, lightweight cellulose fibre material, with physical properties which make it ideal for many applications in electrical and electro-mechanical equipment.

It is resistant to mineral oils, petrol, greases and many solvents, is not readily degraded by exposure to sunlight and it does not readily carbonize when subjected to surface electrical discharges.

Tufnol Vulcanised Fibre sheet offers:

Machining and Fabrication. Tufnol Vulcanised Fibre has the ability to be folded, formed or bent and machined using conventional machining methods.

It can be bonded to other materials such as plywood, hardboard, metal or aluminium sheeting for a variety of applications, such as EMI shielding, sound insulation and fabrication of luggage cases, etc.


Types AvailableSheetsTubes
Natural colourX

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The versatility of Vulcanised Fibre sheet makes it ideal for such applications as:

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