What engineers need to know about Tufnol laminates

Selecting the right material

Correct material selection is essential to successful performance. 

The technical requirements of working environment, material properties and component performance must be balanced with economic factors such as cost, availability and production methods.

Choosing the right grade of laminates

Tufnol laminates have a wide range of characteristics and it is important to select the correct type for each application. 

By highlighting the most common materials and their characteristics, the information on this website should assist in selecting the material most suited to your needs.

Technical advice and information

Technical advice and information are freely available from Tufnol on both the common and the more sophisticated products in our range.

Application Guide For Tufnol Laminates Typical choices

Application RequirementsPhenolic Paper GradesPhenolic Paper GradesEpoxy Paper and Cotton GradesPolyester Glass GradesGlass Fabric Grades
General mechanicalX
Low voltage insulation
High voltage insulationX
High temperatureXXX
Wear ResistanceXXX
Low water absorptionX
Dimensional stabilityXX
Good machinabilityXX
Resistance to environmentX

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