Tufnol Materials - Laminated Bearings

TUFNOL bearing materials are widely used where tough, wear-resistant components are needed. They give good service under a very wide range of operating conditions, including continuous temperatures from cryogenic levels to well over 100°C and in a wide variety of situations where resistance to corrosion is needed.

Our range includes a well-known cotton fabric phenolic bearing grade for lubricated applications, plus two specially developed types with friction-modifying additives.
One potentially useful feature of TUFNOL materials is their ability to be lubricated with water, or with a water-based process fluid. In many applications, this can allow the design to be simplified by eliminating the need for a sealed bearing with oil or grease inside.

Although TUFNOL laminates are used dry in a great many less demanding wear applications, TUFNOL bearing materials are not generally self-lubricating and it usually is preferable to use a lubricant to develop their full bearing potential. CBM grades are designed to give good performance with minimal lubrication. However, properly designed and lubricated, TUFNOL bearings give excellent service for many years and are frequently a cost-effective choice.

Bear Brand Tufnol

Bear Brand Tufnol

Bear Brand TUFNOL is a cotton fabric grade specially formulated for use as a lubricated bearing material.

Tufnol Grade 2F/3/PTFE

Grade 2F/3/PTFE

A unique, dry-bearing material. It is a cotton fabric reinforced laminate, internally lubricated by very fine particles of PTFE uniformly distributed throughout the material.

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