Construction composites

Renowned for its mechanical strength, creep resistance and very long life in outdoor and marine environments, Tufnol laminates are an ideal choice for many such components.


Composites and insulating materials for construction

In the United Kingdom, one ton of steel is lost to corrosion, every 90 seconds.

Tufnol laminates provide a simple and cost-effective solution to this construction problem with simple insulating components which isolate dissimilar metals and prevent destructive, corrosion-inducing electrical currents from flowing.




Benefits of using Tufnol

Immensely Strong
Insulating Components
Sustain High Loads
Thermal Break
Prevent Corrosion
Long Life
Unaffected by Exposure


Products & applications

Retail Units
Office Building

Finished products

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Quality is an integral part of our culture

Our quality systems are routinely subjected to scrutiny by a number of independent inspection authorities and major international companies.


Our capabilities

Tufnol Composites has a large machining facility for the production of finished machined components from the above materials. Tufnol machine shops are equipped with advanced technology and have the capacity to meet a very wide range of customer requirements.

These include

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