Renowned for its mechanical strength, creep resistance and very long life in outdoor and marine environments, Tufnol laminates are an ideal choice for many such components.

Tufnol Laminated Composites and Insulating Materials - Construction

In the United Kingdom, one ton of steel is lost to corrosion, every 90 seconds.

Tufnol laminates provide a simple and cost-effective solution to this construction problem with simple insulating components which isolate dissimilar metals and prevent destructive, corrosion-inducing electrical currents from flowing.


Benefits of using Tufnol:

Prevent Corrosion

Provide insulation between dissimilar metals, thereby preventing electrolytic corrosion

Insulating Components

Simple insulating components made from laminated composites can inhibit corrosion by preventing the small electrical currents which flow naturally when metals of different types are close together in the presence of moist air

Sustain High Loads

Tufnol laminates are good electrical insulators and have the ability to sustain high loads

Unaffected by Exposure

They are relatively unaffected by exposure to outdoor conditions

Long Life

Tufnol laminated composites have a relatively long life in the type of static load bearing situations found in structural applications

Immensely Strong

They are immensely strong, rigid and non-metallic

Thermal Break

As a thermal break, laminated composites prevent temperature transfer from exterior conditions to interior


Tufnol laminates respond well to machining and can be machined to customer requirements

Finished products:

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