Phenolic Paper laminate SRBP Material - Kite Brand

Phenolic Paper laminate

Paper/phenolic resin laminated plastic

(SRBP – Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper)

Kite Brand Tufnol is a first class electrical insulating materials with good dielectric strength and high insulation resistance. It has low moisture absorption and good mechanical strength, although its impact strength is lower than that of most other grades of Tufnol. Kite Brand sheet meets British Standard BS EN 60893-3-4 Type PF CP 206. It is readily machined and can be hot punched in thicknesses up to 3.2mm.

What is Kite Brand used for?

Kite Brand is the most widely used of all Tufnol phenolic paper grades, wherever a good quality general purpose electrical insulation material is required. It is used for a multitude of different applications at low, medium and high voltages, including such items as terminal boards, mounting panels, tag strips, coil formers, insulating sleeves and bushes, busbar supports, tool and instrument handles, coil supports, insulated enclosures, brush holders, insulating spacers and special purpose plugs and sockets.



Types AvailableSheetsSheet (RFS)TubesOther Sections
Natural colour Kite Brand


Use Swan Brand

Hollow sections only
Black Kite Brand✓*XXX

* Minimum order quantities may apply.

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* Testing and certification to these standards is subject to special enquiry. Standard quality testing is to British Standards.

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