Oil and gas composites

The extremely low and predictable swell rates of our marine grade material combined with the ability of Tufnol resin materials to be effectively lubricated with water are major advantages.

Oil & Gas

Tufnol engineering composites for oil and gas extraction

Tufnol materials are widely used in many oil and gas applications, where high performance and complete reliability are of the utmost importance. Tufnol grades are well suited to these harsh environments as decades of experience have proven the success of Tufnol engineering composites, which are currently operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Oil & Gas



Phenolic Paper
1p/13 & Neoprene Rubber (Gasket applications)

Phenolic Cotton
Carp, Whale, Bear (spectacle Flanges & Sealing Rings)

Epoxy Glass
10G/40, 10G/41 & 10G/42 (Gaskets, Washers & Bolt Insulation Sleeves)

Special Bearing Grades
Bear & 2F3 PTFE


Phenolic Paper
1P/13 & Kite Tubes RLP/1, RLP/2 (Gasket Applications)

Phenolic Cotton
Carp, Whale, Bear (Spectacle Flanges & Sealing Rings), RLF/1 & RLF/2

Epoxy Glass
RLG1 (Gaskets, Washers, Bolt insulation sleeves)

Special Bearing Grades
Bear & 2F3 PTFE (Bearings)

Benefits of using Tufnol

Heavy Duty
Wear Resistant
Impact Resistant
Longer Lasting Material
High Compressive Strength

Oil & Gas

Products & applications

Sea Water Filtration Systems
Off Shore Oil Rigs
Anchor Casings

Finished products

This product list is not exhaustive. If you have specific requirements for products used for oil and gas extraction then Tufnol can provide bespoke solutions.

Our customers include

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Oil & Gas

Quality is an integral part of our culture

Our quality systems are routinely subjected to scrutiny by a number of independent inspection authorities and major international companies.

Oil & Gas

Our capabilities

Tufnol Composites has a large machining facility for the production of finished machined components from the above materials. Tufnol machine shops are equipped with advanced technology and have the capacity to meet a very wide range of customer requirements.

These include

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