Oil and Gas
The extremely low and predictable swell rates of our marine grade material combined with the ability of Tufnol resin materials to be effectively lubricated with water are major advantages.

Tufnol Engineering Composites and Materials - Offshore

In many applications, design is simplified and the cost reduced because components can be lubricated by the fluid in which they are operating.

In today’s harsh offshore environment high performance and complete reliability are of the utmost importance. Decades of experience have proven the success of Tufnol engineering composites which are operating in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Sea water filtration system

Tufnol engineering composites are used in filtration equipment for the oil industry to filter sea water after the drilling process. This ‘green’ method of filtration keeps oil out of the ocean, controlling the flow of fluid through pipes with a valve-type blind.

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