Tufnol SRBGF Material - Grades 10G/40, 10G/41, 10G/42 and 10G/44

Epoxy Glass Fabric laminate sheets and tubes

Glass fibre/epoxide resin laminated plastic

(SRBGF – Synthetic Resin Bonded Glass Fabric)

Top quality materials for mechanical and electrical applications.

The Tufnol range of high quality epoxy resin bonded glass fabric laminates offer very high mechanical strength and low moisture absorption, combined with excellent electrical properties, under both dry and humid conditions. They are rigid materials with good dimensional stability and good resistance to a wide range of working environments.

Four standard grades are available:

  • Tufnol Grade 10G/40 – The most widely used grade, suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to approximately 130ºC. (Class B).
  • Tufnol Grade 10G/41 – Similar to 10G/40, but with comtrolled flammability
  • Tufnol Grade 10G/42 – Made with an epoxy resin which offers increased mechanical strength at higher temperatures. Suitable for uses up to 155 ºC (Class F).
  • Tufnol Grade 10G/44 – Similar to Grade 10G/42, but with improved retention of strength after heat ageing.



Types AvailableSheetsSheet (RFS)TubesOther Sections
Grade 10G/40 – Natural colourXX
Grade 10G/41 – Natural colourXXX
Grade 10G/42 – Natural colourXXX
Grade 10G/44 – Natural colourXXX


*Testing and certification to these standards is subject to special enquiry. Standard quality testing is to British Standards.

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