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Custom-moulded Laminated Components

The popularity of Laminates within engineering applications arises because laminates are generally more rigid and stronger under flexural, tensile and compressive forces than alternative materials. They can withstand heavy loads with little deformation, and, at normal stresses, creep is minimal, giving load-bearing characteristics superior to those of thermoplastic materials.

Tufnol laminates, which are reinforced with cotton or synthetic fabrics, have excellent bearing properties and are used in a wide range of wearing applications including some very demanding situations.

These Tufnol Laminates are typically provided in sheets & tubes; however we understand that there are some applications that require more complex solutions, that cannot be machined from sheets or tubes.

Therefore at Tufnol, Hot-press mouldings are produced in a variety of thermosetting materials which enables laminated components to be economically manufactured in shapes which would be impractical from standard sheets or tubes.

As a result, our high technical and machining capabilities mean that we are able to offer bespoke alternatives, allowing for sophisticated shapes to be produced, providing an ideal solution for certain types of engineering components.

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