Tufnol serves an international market in the marine sector. High resin content components are used across a spectrum of applications from bearings for small leisure craft to ocean going cruisers and work boats.

Tufnol Resin based Materials and Bearings - Marine

Tufnol composites are perfect for many marine applications because the resin-based materials are unaffected by sea water and have a low swell rate. 

Swell rate can be very predictable meaning they can be very precisely designed and the stress accurately calculated. 

The bearings are water-lubricated so there is no need for additional lubrication or ‘environmentally un-friendly’ oils to be used. 

As an example, Tufnol resin based components were used in the stave bearings of the QE2.

Our high resin content components are used in the manufacture of most ocean-going vessels.


Bear Brand -This grade was specifically developed as bearing material for use with water and/or other lubricants. This grade has very low moisture absorption.

2F/3/PTFE – Ideal for dry bearing applications.

Epoxy Glass fabric 10G/24 – This grade has the BAE Marine approval – it demonstrates enhanced performance in enclosed environments (good resistance to fire and low/smoke toxicity performance)

Tufnol Composites can be used in Oil & Gas Applications such as:

Benefits of using Tufnol:

Heavy Duty

Non Corrosive

Impact Resistant

Low Moisture

High Compressive Strength

Finished products:

Tufnol cleats are specially moulded on site and is one of the only providers of cleats made out of composite materials.


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