Cotton fabric laminate SRBF Material - Crow Brand

Cotton fabric laminate

Medium weave cotton/phenolic resin laminated plastic

(SRBF – Synthetic resin Bonded Fabric)

A low-cost general purpose phenolic cotton sheet grade for mechanical applications.

Crow Brand Tufnol is a coarse weave grade of phenolic cotton sheet for mechanical applications, where tough, rugged components are needed. This grade of cotton fabric laminate has excellent impact strength with good general toughness and wear resistance. It is suitable for electrical insulation at low voltages.

What is Crow Brand used for?

Crow Brand phenolic cotton sheet is used for mechanical applications and general uses, particularly for large components, or where fine surface finish is not a prime requirement, e.g. for large gears, jigs, wearing components, large rollers, impact blocks and many heavy duty components.



Types AvailableSheetsSheet (RFS)TubesOther Sections
Natural colour Crow Brand
Graphite-impregnated Crow Brand✓*✓*✓*X

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