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New Applications


At Tufnol we are proud of our reputation for inventively increasing the versatility of our resin materials, laminated plastics and composites to meet modern needs. Our high repute with customers is also based on our ability to produce bespoke materials in the field of engineering plastics to their specific requirements.


New resin infusion proces

The new resin infusion process developed at Tufnol will widen our product offering and enable us to enter new markets such as industry sectors requiring larger, moulded and finished composite structures. The resin infusion process enables us to create a moulded, finished product with very little machining or other expensive processes.

stronger laminate is created because the infusion process can mould shapes with a much better fibre-to-resin ratio thereby creating a lower void content. It is also a more environmentally friendly process as there are no solvent emissions into the atmosphere. The process will produce applications for all our key markets – rail, automotive, aerospace, marine and tidal energy.