George Ellison - A pioneer on land and in the sky!

In this piece, we take a look back on the flying feats of Tufnol founder George Ellison and his brother Alfred, throughout the 1930’s!

A pioneer on land and in the sky!

By the 1930s, long-distance flights in light aeroplanes flown by amateur or semi-professional pilots were becoming almost too common.  

However, the flying done by George Ellison and his brother Alfred Ellison was in a different category. 

George Ellison was MD of George Ellison Ltd, making electrical switchgear at Perry Barr (now known as Tufnol Composites) & Alfred Ellison was MD of the Black Lake Iron Works.  

Alfred had been an RFC pilot […] but he started to use his own light aeroplanes for adventurous but successful business journeys. On such trips, It was customary for the brothers to fly in business suits – ready for the lucrative meetings that they had planned! 

However, It was his flight with his brother George Ellison to Africa in 1934 (in his own DH Puss Moth aircraft) that endorsed the brother abilities as pilots

The purpose of the long flight was to call on business prospects and visit associates in Africa… as well as to enjoy a well deserved holiday.  

They reckoned on the 18,000-mile out-and-home flight would take five weeks. 

The brothers arrived in Cape Town after just nine days…

Read the full adventure of the Ellison brothers here: 

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