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Continual Investment


Tufnol machined airbus materials


Here at Tufnol we recognise that to retain our position of leaders in our field we must be continually investing in developing our product offering, our plant and machinery and, perhaps most important of all, our people.


Widening Our Products Offering

We have recently introduced a new Resin Infusion process in order to widen our product offering and enter new markets. The investment has allowed us to supply new industry sectors requiring larger, moulded and finished composite structures previously not part of our standard product range.

The process compliments the previous development work we have carried out into developing a range of lightweight, high impact strength materials with low smoke and toxicity levels for use as ballistic shields and spall liners in armoured vehicles.


Eco Credentials and Energy Efficiency

Our manufacturing process are highly energy dependant and we recognise the importance of closely controlling our energy costs. In 2015 we boosted our eco credentials by installing the latest generation of steam producing gas fired boilers. The boiler and associated plant is highly energy efficient and has the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint.


Plant and Machinery Development

The combination of our machining facilities at Birmingham and Glasgow mean that we can offer unrivalled excellence whether the volumes are in the thousands or just the one-off prototype.

To enhance our machining capabilities even further we have recently invested in a computer controlled profiling and shaping machine. This allows us to machine economic quantities of both simple and complex profiles in all types of engineering plastic that could often only be produced by an extrusion process.


Investing In Our People

We believe that the greatest asset of any business is the people who work in it. At Tufnol we ensure that we employ skilled individuals who we can train and develop. We know that the return on investment is easily measurable in the ongoing success of our business.

We recently embarked on a Lean training initiative which saw all our employees engaged in an ongoing learning process of business improvement techniques. This has given us the ideal opportunity to invest in our employees who in turn receive a formal qualification. The results are better engagement and major improvements within the business.

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Investing in the Future

We are a Company with a long history and we believe that this is by virtue of always looking to the future.

We are always seeking ways to invest in improvements of our processes and our people and in doing so we consolidate the quality and innovation of our products as well as the success of the business.  We share the forward thinking ethos of our major customers and continually strive to identify new opportunities that we can work together.

We firmly believe that it is only through continual investment that we will sustain our Company, protect our market leading position, support our future growth and most importantly give the highest quality products to our customers.