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Laminated glass fabric grades

(Also known as Synthetic Resin Bonded Glass Fabric, or SRBGF)

Epoxy resin bonded grades

TUFNOL Grade 10G/40Epoxy resin grade for general usesSheet, rod & tube
TUFNOL Grade 10G/41Flame retardant epoxy resin grade for general usesSheet only
TUFNOL Grade 10G/42Epoxy resin for higher temperature usesSheet only
TUFNOL Grade 10G/44Top quality epoxy resin grade for higher temperature applicationsSheet only

Phenolic resin bonded grade

TUFNOL Grade 10G/24Phenolic resin grade with good low smoke and toxicity performance in fire testsSheet only

Silicone resin bonded grade

TUFNOL Grade 10G/50Silicone resin for heat resistance and low loss dielectric properties in high frequency applications Sheet only

Polyimide resin bonded grade

TUFNOL Grade 6G/92Top quality polyimide resin grade for mechanical and electrical applications over 200°CSheet only

Rolled laminated tube grades

TUFNOL Grade RLG/1A rolled epoxy glass tube material with good mechanical and electrical properties.Tube only
TUFNOL Grade RLG/3Similar to RL G/1 but with enhanced performance at higher temperaturesTube only

Where would you use a glass fabric grade?

TUFNOL high performance glass fabric laminates

This group includes glass fabric reinforced laminated plastics with wide-ranging properties, mostly determined by the types of resin used to bond the laminations. These materials are generally characterised by very high strength properties, good temperature resistance and good dimensional stability.

The TUFNOL range includes grades with exceptional temperature resistance, first class dielectric properties, good resistance to tracking, assessed flammability and superb structural strength and toughness.

Epoxy glass materials are used in a very wide range of technically demanding applications. Other glass laminates tend to be used for more specialised purposes, or where higher temperature capabilities are required.

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