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Laminated Paper Grades

(Also known as Synthetic Resin Bonded paper, or SRBP)

Special purpose grades:

Kite Brand TUFNOLGood quality general purpose electrical insulation gradeSheet, round tubes, rectangular tubes, angles and channels
TUFNOL Grade 1P/13Low cost commercial gradeSheet only

Special purpose grades:

Heron Brand TUFNOLTop quality electrical grade for use in humid environmentsSheet only
TUFNOL Grade 1P/24Flame retardant, low smoke electrical gradeSheet only
Swan Brand TUFNOLGrade for solid moulded sections, general purpose electrical gradeRound rod, square & rectangular bar

Rolled laminated tube grades:

TUFNOL Grade RLP/1Low cost commercial rolled tube grade for low voltage electrical insulationTube only
TUFNOL Grade RLP/2Rolled tube electrical insulation grade to BS specificationTube only
TUFNOL Grade RLP/3Low cost commercial rolled tube paper grade with improved mechanical strengthTube only

Where would you use a laminated paper material?

TUFNOL phenolic paper laminates for electrical insulation

Phenolic paper laminated plastics are strong, rigid and very economical. They have good electrical insulating properties and are used in a wide range of electrical installations in equipment where rigid electrical insulation is required.

paper laminated grade material The higher specification grades are chosen for higher voltage and for greater electrical stability in conditions of varying humidity. The lower cost grades are often used for insulation components with low power voltages and below.

The impact strength of phenolic paper grades is not as high as materials in other groups and they are not usually chosen where toughness, bearing properties or high stress carrying capabilities are required. However, the lowest cost grade in this group Grade 1P/13 represents excellent value as rigid non-metallic materials and is used in a very wide range of less demanding applications.

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