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Composite Bearing Material
Synthetic fibre fabric laminated plastic bearing material

  • Reduced wear rate
  • Low friction
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Resistant to a wide range of working environments
  • Easily machined


TUFNOL CBM 2008 is a high performance laminated composite bearing material, developed by TUFNOL for use in a wide range of bearing applications. 
It is made from a synthetic fibre fabric, bonded together with a specially formulated thermosetting resin. The material also contains special friction-modifying compounds, including molybdenum disulphide, to enhance performance and reduce wear in bearing applications. 
These additives make TUFNOL CBM 2008 suitable for a very wide range of wearing and bearing applications with water or other lubricants, and in situations where lubrication is limited or intermittent.
In addition to rolled laminated tubes for cylindrical bearings and bushes, CBM 2008 is available in sheet form, which is ideal for a wide range of flat surface bearings, such as pads, slideways and thrust washers.

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Standard shapes and sizes

Thickness:     1.0 to 50mm (0.040 o 2 inches)
Sheet sizes:   1220 x 975mm approximately
(For larger sheets, or guaranteed minimum sheet sizes, contact Tufnol Composites Ltd.)

Inside diameter:   9.5 to 610mm (3/8 to 24 inches)
Wall thickness:    1.6 to 63mm (1/16 to 2.1/2 inches)
(maximum wall thickness = 20% of inside diameter)
Standard length:  975mm approximately.
(For longer lengths, contact Tufnol Composites Ltd.)