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Countrose Bearings Product Range


All Countrose Marine Bearings, manufactured using Tufnol composite materials, are precision ground in the bore using a special technique, to ensure a high degree of accuracy, concentricity and finish.

Product range

Countrose Marine Bearings in the standard range are moulded with a specially formulated polyurethane material and are available with either brass or phenolic (non-metallic) outer shells.


Highly durable properties

The polyurethane compound used by Countrose is a very tough, highly abrasion resistant material with properties which allow it to operate at loads beyond that of other rubbers. Its high resilience and abrasion resistance makes it ideally suited to the toughest working environments.

Polyurethane is slightly absorbent and, when immersed in water, it will expand a small amount, until equilibrium is reached. Countrose Bearings are designed for shaft diameters to ISO g8 tolerances and the bearings are ready made with initial clearances to cater for the dimensional movements caused by changes in temperature and water content.

In addition to the standard range, a wide range of sizes can also be made to special order.Bearings with special shell materials or nitrile rubber liners can also be produced.


Full information can be found on the Countrose Bearings website