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The Tufnol range of laminated plastics has had a profound influence on the world of Engineering for more than 85 years.


Hopefully you will observe throughout this website how the importance of their properties has ensured the sustained acceptance of Tufnol in countless demanding applications around the world. The development of new grades of Tufnol using high quality reinforcements together with sophisticated resin systems has ensured that Tufnol laminates have remained at the forefront of engineering technology.


With our years of engineering experience, we do of course realise that Buyers, Engineers and Designers alike do not simply buy materials – they are looking for solutions!


Here at Tufnol Composites, we are committed to giving users expert advice and guidance in choosing the correct material for their applications. Consequently, we complement our own Tufnol laminates with a comprehensive range of high performance engineering thermoplastics. Our customers can therefore be confident that we will always suggest the material solution that best suits their needs.


The versatilities of the various materials we supply are far too numerous to list here – but you may be interested in just a few of them …………..



  • Tufnol laminates work in a wide range of temperatures from absolute zero to more than 2600C. Both the fabric based grades and glass based grades of Tufnol have long been proven in cryogenic applications, such as load bearing thermal insulation supports in road and rail tankers which transport liquid CO2
  • Tufnol is the material of choice for surgical chisel handles because it is unaffected by continual sterilising in autoclaves. It is also shatterproof so that no flakes or chips from it can break off and contaminate the wound.
  • Tufnol rolled laminated tubes are used to house a hidden camera mounted inside cricket stumps to record TV footage of the game. The tubing is virtually indestructible and can therefore withstand strikes from the ball and reliably protect the technology.
  • Trebor mints are precision-cut in order to reduce waste and maintain uniformity. Tufnol is used to make the backing plate for the circular cutting knives that perform this process. It is ideal because of its high impact resistance, accuracy and dimensional stability which allow high repeatability giving the maximum yield
  • The tonal qualities of Bagpipes rely on the Tufnol tube which holds the reed in the bagpipe drone, making the reed vibrate and enhancing sound quality. Tufnol machined acetal plastic is also used to produce practice bagpipe chanters, used by musicians learning to play the instrument.
  • Restoring the gearboxes of vintage vehicles finds Tufnol replacing gears previously from metal or cast iron.


Silk Engineering case study

Silk Engineering was a British Company set up in the late 1960’s and successfully produced beautifully engineered hand-built motorcycles from their factory at Darley Abbey in Derbyshire.


Material selection problem

Their success came as a result of selecting superior raw materials and employing only the best engineering techniques. However they had a particular problem with a swinging arm pivot bush. The material originally chosen for the bushes was aluminium bronze but it was found that they were prematurely wearing – in fact in wet conditions they were lasting as little as 1,000 miles.


Advice from Tufnol

After receiving advice from Tufnol engineers and evaluating materials suggested by them, Whale Brand Tufnol tube was eventually chosen as a replacement material.
Mr George Silk told us recently, “We replaced the Bushes in Whale Brand and would you believe that 30 years later they are still running. Every Silk 700s has them fitted”


The Silk 700s

Tufnol engineers are always happy to give advice on materials selection problems in the engineering industry, with the result that many ground breaking and novel uses have been conceived, with yet more to come.