Tufnol materials are used extensively in numerous railway applications wherever toughness, electrical strength, wear resistance or controlled fire properties is required.

Tufnol Materials and CNC Machined Components - Railway

Harsh, aggressive operating environments require materials that can meet these challenging conditions and give peace of mind.

It is not surprising therefore that rail engineers around the world look to Tufnol material to cope with the extreme and arduous operating conditions, while at the same time meeting the safety and quality requirements demanded in this industry sector.

A typical application is the bogie pivot pads on railway carriages. These are manufactured from a hard wearing reinforcement of medium weave cotton fabric which utilises an advanced resin system with the addition of PTFE. The benefits of using this material are its superior wear resistance and elimination of the need for regular lubrication thereby creating savings in maintenance costs.

Low smoke properties are crucial in Underground facilities and tunnels. We have developed materials which give exceptional performance over and above standard phenolics. 

Our specially formulated resin systems result in controlled flammability, good resistance to ignition and excellent low smoke and toxicity values.

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