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Weights of TUFNOL Laminated SHEETS

Typical weight per unit thickness of standard sheet 1200 x 1200mm
(48 x 48 inches) approximately

TUFNOL GradeKg per mm of thicknessPounds per inch of thicknessSpecific gravity(g/cm3)
Tufnol paper grades
Kite, 1P/13, Heron, 2P/20, 1P/24, 1P/21, 2P/452.02113.31.36
TUFNOL cotton fabric grades
Carp, 6F/45, Whale, Crow, Lynx, Vole, 2F/142.02113.31.36
TUFNOL Bearing grades
Bear, CBM20081.96110.01.32
TUFNOL glass fabric grades
10G/24, 10G/40, 10G/42, 10G/44, 2.83158.31.90

Cut pieces and other sheet sizes

Calculate weight in kg.

L = length in mm

W = width in mm

T = thickness in mm

G = specific gravity for grade (see above)

Weight in kg = (L x W x T x G) /1,000,000

Calculate weight in pounds

L = length in inches

W = width in inches

T = thickness in inches

G = specific gravity for grade (see above)

Weight in pounds = 0.0361 x L x W x T x G