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Maximum Working Temperatures for Tufnol Laminates

Recommended Maximum Working Temperatures for Tufnol Laminates*

TUFNOL GradeMaximum recommended temperature for most applications
Maximum intermittent or short term temperature for non-critical applications
Heron Kite 1P/21 1P/13 2P/20 2F/3/PTFE 1/24 Swan90120
Carp Lynx Vole 2F/14 Whale Bear Crow RLP & RLF120130
6F/45 10G/40 10G/41 RL G/1130150
10G/24 10G/42 10G/44 PGM/2 PGM/3140155
10G/50 RLG/7200240

*Users of highly stressed components at temperatures approaching the maximum are recommended to seek further advice from Tufnol Composites Ltd.