A hand trolley fitted with a full set of TUFNOL wheels produced from Crow brand Sheet.

Hand trolleys used in the dairy product processing industry by Dried Milk Products Ltd. carry loads of 4-6 cwt over surfaces ranging from tile and concrete to cast iron lattice. Each truck has two side wheels and two smaller wheels mounted fore and aft. Before TUFNOL was used, the life of the larger pair averaged about three months. Now, wheels machined from Crow brand TUFNOL sheet give an initial life of nine months, after which the wheel tread is skimmed for further use. When this second surface is worn out, the TUFNOL is again machined, this time to a smaller diameter, and can then be used at either end of the trolley as a new unit.

Further, TUFNOL is fully resistant to the lactic acid content of dairy spillages and can easily be cleaned by hosing down.