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Our vast experience has provided high quality solutions to an infinite range of engineering problems.

Tufnol Composites Ltd. began making “Tufnol” laminates over 80 years ago. Thousands of new uses are still created every year and many different grades are offered for specific uses. Vast quantities of machined components are supplied each week, custom made to our customers’ requirements.

Our range of materials covers all grades and forms of laminated plastics, composites and resin bonded materials for engineering applications:


  • Fabric laminates - TUFNOL phenolic cotton laminated plastics are the workhorse grades for general mechanical applications. They are strong and tough materials with very good wear resistance, easy to machine into finished components.
  • Paper laminates - Phenolic paper laminated plastics are strong, rigid and very economical. They have good electrical insulating properties and are used in a wide range of electrical installations in equipment where rigid electrical insulation is required.
  • Glass fabric laminates - This group includes glass fabric reinforced laminated plastics with wide-ranging properties, mostly determined by the types of resin used to bond the laminations. General characteristics include very high strength properties, good temperature resistance and good
  • Bearing materials - Tufnol bearing materials are widely used where tough, wear-resistant components are needed. They give good service under a very wide range of operating conditions, including continuous temperatures from cryogenic levels to well over 100°C and in a wide variety of situations where resistance to corrosion is needed.
  • Thermoplastics – our comprehensive range of thermoplastics materials for engineering purposes includes Polyacetal, Acrylic, Nylons, PEEK, PETP, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, TUFSET Polyurethane, PTFE, PVC and PVDF.
  • Materials with built-in lubrication with graphite and PTFE

We also sell and machine a vast range of high performance engineering plastics not made by us to meet the infinitely diverse needs of our customers.